Well, it could be worse…

If you ever think that your campus has it bad with misogyny and sexual harassment, then just remember, it could be worse.

Last Wednesday on the campus of the University of Arizona (UoA) a planned Take Back the Night was interrupted by a less than welcome individual. Dean Saxton, also known as Brother Dean Samuel. He set out to ‘gently’ make his point that “if you dress like a whore, act like a whore, you’re probably going to get raped.” holding aloft an even more ‘inconspicuous’ sign stating: “You Deserve Rape”.


This isn’t the first time Saxton has stirred up a sh*t storm on the UoA’s campus. In the past he has been known to wear t-shirts with numerous ‘views’ on Feminists stating that “Feminists make men weak and pathetic” and “Feminists you are not equal to men. You were created the weaker vessel!”. He’s also been known to curse people who are gay, have pre-marital sex, masturbate or have lustful thoughts.

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Saxton’s more ‘sombre’ protest

Now you may ask, yeah there’s wackos on every campus, what’s new Max? And you’re right, to a degree. While everything Saxton says is despicable, it’s important to remember that Saxton actually believes what he’s saying, he believes it’s the morally right thing to do. And while this is just one man, it’s the moderates who give Saxton his political cover. It’s the moderates who read and believe the same holy book. Without the moderates Saxton would be simply stood alongside Flat-Earthers, “the Moon is made of Cheese”-ers and the man who believes himself to be Napoleon.

This is the very real danger of religion regardless of how zealot or moderate you may be. If you suppress critical thinking, you’re going to get a world view not based on evidence but on bullsh*t and gut instinct.


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