The Last Post: Prime Minister Alan Johnson


Johnson B+W


“Like John Major before him, [Alan Johnson] is affable, easy-going, classless — and, apparently, without enemies.”

Nick Boles, Spectator, 31-05-2006.

“Electorally, we are in the fight of our lives, and yes we do start that fight as underdogs. But conference let me say this… If I can come back…. We can come back.”

Peter Mandelson, September 2009, speech to  Labour Party conference.

“[T]he conclusions of our 17 March meeting were; firstly, that outright coalition was our favoured endgame; secondly, that this was much more likely if a Lib Dem-Labour arrangement was electorally possible…”

-David Laws, 22 Days in May, 2010.

crafty Johnson

“There was one period when we were negotiating because it was a hung parliament and the Liberal Democrats had talked to the Tories and it had broken down on the Sunday over the Alternative Vote, and Sunday night/Monday they came to talk to us. It looked as if we might form a coalition with the Lib Dems. The condition they laid down was that Gordon had to go and we all knew that anyway, he was going to step down, and I thought, well if there’s a leadership election in these circumstances I’ll stand because it would need someone just to hold things together for three years and then hand over to the younger generation.

“[T]hat Monday night, I went to bed and decided to throw my hat in the ring.”

Alan Johnson, Guardian, 28-04-2013.

“The Last Post” is a counterfactual, or “alternate history” scenario. It will be published in  weekly instalments here on Things Can Only Get Better. It is a work of fiction, of speculation, and of a certain amount of wish fulfilment.

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