Something to agree to disagree on

You may notice that myself and Nash agree on quite a lot of things. But we do have an exception. The future of currently illegal drugs. One of us wishes to make a world crisis disastrously worse…while I wish to fix the problem by ending the ‘War on Drugs’ and legalising most substances.

Obama recently vowed to continue with the so-called “War on Drugs” when speaking in Costa Rica. In this post I’d like to lay out the case for the legalisation of most illegal substances.

1. A simple one really and probably the most philosophical out of the five points I’ll be making. When did it become the case for the state to legislate on what individuals can and can not do with their own bodies as long as it harms no one else? If we allow people to consume as much alcohol as they please despite it being more dangerous than herione and crack, allow individuals to excessively smoke causing 60,000 cases of lung cancer in the UK in 2010 and allow obesity to kill three times as much as malnutrition then I’m sorry, that’s hypocrisy of the finest order.

Your average pint more dangerous than heroine and crack? It seems so.

2. A decriminalised and legalised UK would allow the state to control what chemicals are added to substances as they’re produced. This would enable governments to regulate and sieve out any dangerous chemicals and the concentration of the drug in hand.

3. Legalise drugs and you take away a massive source of income and profit from organised crime (around 230 billion Euros a year).

4. Obviously any tax placed on the selling of legalised drugs can be reinvested into public services (who wouldn’t love that?).

5. Finally, we can put an end to this ridiculously costly ‘War on Drugs’ which has achieved next to nothing.

I put it to you now, we can continue with the vindictive Daily Mail approach of no to legalisation at any cost, or we can make a meaningful advancement in World Politics. I’m not saying there wont be some problems that will raise their ugly head from a legalised Britain, but it’s damn sight improvement over our current conundrum.


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6 Responses to Something to agree to disagree on

  1. Tay says:

    I don’t accept the first point.

    So because all those dangerous things (alcohol, smoking, unhealthy foods) are legal, we should make something else which ruins the lives of thousands of people every year (and often their extended families) legal too?

    Surely criminalising the dangerous things would be a more logical solution to the many health, social, and other problems these substances/liquids/deathsticks create?

    • maxattacks says:

      I’d have to disagree. First off you failed to address the point that an individual can do what they want with their own body as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. Surely, something we could all agree on? In regards to your final paragraph, does this include stuff that isn’t banned now such as alcohol as it isn’t too clear? Either way, like prohibition in 1920s America, that’d be a highly counter-productive move.

      • Tay says:

        “…an individual can do what they want with their own body as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.”

        You’re assuming that taking drugs can ‘harm’ no one but that individual. It’s entirely dependant on how you define ‘harm’. However, assuming it can be emotional and financial harm, as well as physical harm, the knock-on effects that taking drugs can have on the family and friends of the individual taking them can be serious. In which case, taking drugs can absolutely harm other people, and so the entire premise of that argument falls down.

      • maxattacks says:

        But an individual can cause harm to loved ones through any number of means. Gambling addiction, obesity, spending too much time at work or hell even working out at the gym too much can all cause similar results. Yet, we don’t legislate against these actions do we? It’s inconsistency on a phenomenal scale

    • Nash says:

      Hey Tay, Welcome to the blog. 🙂

      I agree with you on this. In my own experience its possible to get messed up on something as (relatively) innocuous as caffeine. Why people might want to add more dangerous substances to the list of legal ones is beyond me.

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