You know what they say about a man with a big gun?…big bullets…

Remember the 1960s and the so called ‘culture war’? The fight for sexual, reproductive and racial rights? The left actually winning? Well if you miss all that, then coming to an American suburb near you is the new and improved “culture war” with lovely freedom fighters from the never angry and the never wacky, National Rifle Association (NRA).

Soon to be big dog of the NRA, James Porter.

James Porter, who takes over the NRA tomorrow, passively mentioned that; “This is not a battle about gun rights, it’s a culture war. You here in this room are the fighters of freedom.“. Of course this is with the added bonus of the outgoing NRA big cheese, Wayne LaPierre, lambasting the media for trying to effectively cripple these ‘freedom fighters’.

During the past few months the media has engaged in a viscous effort to attack the 2nd amendment and demonise lawful American gun owners.

Really? Do tell Mr LaPierre, I’d love this to be the case. It would make my day to see the US media calling for attacks on the 2nd amendment. So far the US has only seen Piers Morgan call for the ‘unthinkable’ (and not in the usual sense the NRA does their thinking). All of which culminated in this confrontation with Conspiracy Theorist, Alex Jones, live on CNN. Aside from these isolated incidents there’s been not a single peep out of the mainstream US media calling for an “attack” on the 2nd Amendment despite the concerns over the school shootings last December. Reforms to background checks and mental health services yes, but nothing that ultimately that would prevent “lawful” Americans from owning and buying guns.

Really Alex Jones? You’re having to make me have to defend Piers Morgan?

You know what I’m talking about. The media and the political elites in Washington they have been ranting and raving trying to blame and shame peaceful law abiding American gun owners for senseless violence.

Well Mr LaPierre, I actually don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I must have been distracted by the filibustering in the US Senate, the celebrations of Republican Senators and Congressmen at defeating Obama’s gun control reforms and the Republican National Committee (RNC) then criticising Obama for not passing gun control legislation. It must have been when I busy repairing my irony detector.

And yet it’s the NRA has stepped forward with meaningful solutions that would actually help make people safer.

What, like arming school teachers? Ah, as that’s what America needs when it has gun violence problem, more guns. In the same way I drink more alcohol to solve my alcohol addiction.

My sarcasm detector just went off the scale.

Sarcasm aside, let’s look at the facts shall we? In the US there is roughly 101.5 guns per 100 people while the UK has 6.7 guns per 100 people. So if the NRA’s logic is right, criminals must realise that the weak and defenceless ‘law abiding’ UK citizens are easy pickings, right? Well, no. The US had 11,101 gun homicides in 2011 compared to the UK’s 27 in 2011. I could include more countries but this post is long enough as it is.

This is currently the problem with US politics at the moment. People are far too comfortable buying the easy gut instinct line…the dreaded “common sense” approach. We can also see the effective buying of votes in Congress by lobbyists from the NRA.

This is a theme you may notice I come back to in most of my posts, I’m fed up with people believing dangerous or stupid things for stupid reasons. Until humanity deals with this ineptitude to think critically then these problems will just stick around and the NRA will be no exception.


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