Weekly Update #004

We’d like to wish a Happy 24th (or 42nd, take your pick) Birthday to former BULS Treasurer, former c0-host of the Things Can Only Get Better BurnFM show and now writer for this very blog, Nash. Any presents can come in the form of buying him a drink.

Nash: An artist’s impression

We would also like to take note of the anniversary of the execution of Anne Boleyn on the ground of adultery, treason and incest. She was the second wife of King Henry VIII of England for 3 years and mother to Queen Elizabeth I of England.


“Labour Voters increasing turning against the poor” – Randeep Ramesh, Guardian, 14/5.

How social mobility got stuck – Danny Dorling, New Statesman.

There is now a font made entirely out of cats – Yannick LeJacq, NBC News

Nigel Farage blasts “anti-English” protesters – BBC News (a hilarious news interview where Farage gets annoyed at actually being scrutinised and asked difficult questions [like any other party], culminating in him hanging up. Like the nob that he is.)

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