Weekly Update #005

We’d like to wish a Happy 44th Birthday to Trey Parker, co-creator of the brilliant South Park series, the outlandish film; Team America: World Police and the recent Broadway and West End musical hit (which Max still desperately wants to see); The Book of Mormon.

We’d also like to wish a Happy Anniversary to the re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere of the Apollo 10 Command module. The mission was a dry-run for the upcoming lunar landing with Apollo 11 two months later. Apollo 10, while it wasn’t the first to do so, managed to orbit the moon coming within 8.4 nautical miles (15.6 km) of the lunar surface during practice maneuvers. The Apollo 10 mission has also set the record for the highest speed attained by a manned vehicle at 24,791 mph (39,897 km/h) during the return from the Moon on May 26th 1969.

The Apollo 10 Command Module

Links to the Multiverse

Jaron Lanier: The Internet destroyed the middle class – Scott Timberg, Salon

Memoirs of a benefits scrounger: Jobcentre sanctions me for getting a job – Slutocracy

The 25 most epic cat beards of all time – Summer Anne Burton, Buzzfeed

PROGRESS – a cancer within the British Labour Party!! – Respect for the Unemployed and Benefit Claimants

Woolwich and Terror: We must resist having our enemies constructed for us – Scriptonite Daily

Its Time to Stop Pandering to UKIP – Keith Taylor, Green European Journal

A dissenting traditional: The New Statesman and the left – Peter Wilby, New Statesman

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