Weekly Update #006

We’d like to wish a Happy 45th Birthday to the brilliant impressionist, Jon Culshaw, star of 2DTV, Dead Ringers and the Impressions Show. See below one of Culshaw’s finest impersonations.

We’d also like to take note of the Anniversary of the Sack of Rome by Vandals in 455 CE. Rome had already been sacked 45 years before by the Visigoths in 410 CE. The sack of the once truly mighty centre of one the most powerful Empires in all history was one of the final nails in the coffin for the Western Roman Empire which was eventually disestablished in 476 CE.

Links to the Multiverse

A selection of interesting and recommended web content from the previous week.

I was a liberal mole at Fox News: From Bill O’Reilly to Roger Ailes, here’s all the inside dope – Joe Muto, Salon.

Nick Clegg cares more about his party than the country – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, The Telegraph.

The Great Crapsby: Why Iain Duncan Smith isn’t all he seems – Sarah Ditum, New Statesman.

Samaritans called in over Liverpool bedroom tax suicide risk – Eleanor Barlow, Liverpool Echo.

Beaver kills man in Belarus – via AP, Guardian.

Will Government dare to hold 2014 European and local elections on same day? – Paul Dale, The Chamberlain Files.

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