Series Three!*

Series Three


Yes, the wait and anticipation is finally over! Things Can Only Get Better will be back for an unprecedented third series on Burn FM… possibly.

At the end of Series Two things were looking bleak for the radio wing of Things Can Only Get Better. Max, due to his own incompetence, had to drop out of his course and while pursuing the green light re-do his Teacher Training come September 2013.

All** were in despair in the Burn FM office and in Things Can Only Get Better‘s large*** fan-base****. However, as of last week, everything seems to have changed.

[**Based solely on the devout fan found down in Selly Oak’s Goose ***Totally subjective interpretation ****Individuals who either feel morally obliged and/or are forced to listen to the show.]

Much to Max’s surprise he was admitted to re-do his course from this September under the condition that he re-submit and pass a failed assignment and pass certain parts of a Maths audit/test by the end of August. Certain figures in the high echelons of the Guild of Students have hinted that despite Nash no longer being a student, Burn FM may let him back into the studios. Max will be back with a new co-host (TBC), with Nash appearing as an occasional guest.

Of course, Burn FM would never turn down an application for a third series of Things Can Only Get Better….

Is there now a chance the show may live on come October 2013? Quite possibly.

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