Weekly Update #007

We’d like to wish a Happy 51st Birthday to star of Stuart Little and (one of Nash’s favourite films) Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox.

We’d also like to take note of the anniversary of when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or the Mormons), an organisation Max has a particular interest in, ended it’s 148 year old policy of excluding black men from the Church’s priesthood. The Mormons also have their largest temple outside of the USA in Max’s home town (Chorley).

Links to the Multiverse

Recommended links to other interesting online content.

Watch man furious over knockbacks from employers smash his car into packed jobcentre
– Ben Rankin, Daily Mirror.

Tories turn election guns on Northfield, but Labour mustn’t be fooled into relaxing in Edgbaston – Paul Dale, The Chamberlain Files.

Lib Dem peer Baroness Barker comes out during equal marriage debate – Corrine Pinfold, Pink News.

A Terrifying, Fascinating Timelapse of 30 Years of Human Impact on Earth – Emily Badger, The Atlantic Cities.

Tory talk and support for backdoor genocide will ruin any chance of defeating the blue meanies – Mike Sivier.

Road to Referendum – STV.

Cat running for mayor of Mexican City – Catherine Earp, Digital Spy.

What if Britain had joined the Euro? – Jeremy Warner, The Telegraph.

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