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It’s gone off the bullsh*t density detector!

I haven’t had the best weekend already. First the realisation that if I hadn’t cocked up my course I would’ve finished my final school placement on Friday. Then we have Ed Miliband pushing me the closest I have ever come … Continue reading

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Evil? I wouldn’t go that far. Dangerous? Highly.

In the past few months I’ve become quite a fan of Margaret Hodge, Chair of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee, with her recent tangles with big businesses avoiding tax. While I celebrate her recent tangle with Google inc., I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Last week a spokesman for Ed Miliband offered perhaps the strongest denunciation he has made in his nearly three years of party leadership. “Reprehensible” was the word he used, strong stuff indeed, but what great outrage inspired it? Was it … Continue reading

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