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Y’all paying attention?

There’s a lot one can fault with the USA’s political and governmental processes, the most glaring being the so called ‘fillibuster’. It grants far far too much power and influence to small groups of legislatures in Federal and State Congresses … Continue reading

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I’m not homophobic, but…

Well, I think that’s a sufficiently eye-grabbing title post to catch attention. Don’t worry, the title and the post are linked. Julia Gillard, Australia’s Labor Prime Minister (PM), (a politically backstabbing woman who recently affirmed her opposition to same-sex marriage … Continue reading

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The final frontier: Domestic Abuse

(Paraphrasing) Nash: “Patrick Stewart? Don’t know the name.” (30/5/13). Leaving aside Nash’s poor knowledge of one Britain’s most famous actors of all time, star of Star Trek: The Next Generation and X-Men (Nash: “But Max, I’m too cool and hipster … Continue reading

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Well, it could be worse…

If you ever think that your campus has it bad with misogyny and sexual harassment, then just remember, it could be worse. Last Wednesday on the campus of the University of Arizona (UoA) a planned Take Back the Night was interrupted by a less … Continue reading

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