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You don’t have rights over your children, you have responsibilities to them

I think we would all agree that as parents (or if we were parents), that we would act in the best interest of our child(ren) and recognise that we are responsible for a human being who’s not fully capable of … Continue reading

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From Russia with Hate

Ever read news stories that just make you feel utter despair? Not anger, not calm collected reason, just despair. Well for me this week, this one did:

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The Blue Labour Pope

“You know how it seems like over the past thirty years the Left won the contest for social policy – for liberalism, equal rights, against homophobia and racism – and yet the Right won all the arguments on economic party? … Continue reading

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Max bashes religion? That’s certainly never happened before…

Disclaimer: 1. Once again Max’s laptop/internet in t’ north has been playing up so he’s been unable to publish on time. Appropriate punishment will be enacted accordingly. First off, I’d like to pay my tributes to the recent murder Drummer Lee … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Santorum Pulls Out

For various reasons Nash didn’t get round to writing much new content this week. However, in penance and as a compensation to our loyal fans, he’s dredged up some classics from the archives. Here, from 12th April 2012, is something … Continue reading

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Well, it could be worse…

If you ever think that your campus has it bad with misogyny and sexual harassment, then just remember, it could be worse. Last Wednesday on the campus of the University of Arizona (UoA) a planned Take Back the Night was interrupted by a less … Continue reading

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