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It’s gone off the bullsh*t density detector!

I haven’t had the best weekend already. First the realisation that if I hadn’t cocked up my course I would’ve finished my final school placement on Friday. Then we have Ed Miliband pushing me the closest I have ever come … Continue reading

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I suppose I can’t not talk about this…

As a probably soon to-be Primary trainee teacher come this September and as Things Can Only Get Better’s resident Education ‘expert’, I suppose it’s almost unavoidable that I write a post on Mr Gove’s new proposals to GCSEs (le sigh). … Continue reading

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The view from the traditional conservatives.

Disclaimer: Due to technical difficulties, Max was unable to publish his blog contributions on the Sunday evening deadline. Slow, painful and meticulous punishments will be enacted accordingly. As I opened my copy of the Guardian on Saturday morning (next to my mug of Georgian … Continue reading

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Oh No…

The BBC has announced that Winston Churchill is to replace prison reformer Elizabeth Fry on the five pound note. Now this is a lighter story – some would say trivial. It is more or less fait accompli, being both the within the … Continue reading

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Minority Rule

The idea that a strike can be called by a majority of those that vote, rather than a majority of all those balloted, is farcical. -Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. 21/4/2013 Londoners eligible to cast a ballot in the 2012 London Mayoral … Continue reading

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Oh my Gove!

Oh Gove. My “love” for thee is undying. First we had Free Schools, then we had scrapping of Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and now we have your recent batch of ideas thought up on the back of a napkin. For anyone who’s … Continue reading

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