Things Can Only Get Better” was the name of a student radio show, broadcast by the University of Birmingham’s BURN FM, and written by a pair of bitter left-wing reprobates. The show name was a cynical reference to the long faded optimism of the 1997 general election, while also being a realistic assessment of the show’s own quality.

As a platform for waffle, political opinion, and simplistic analysis of complex problems; the show was somewhat to moderately successful. Listening figures were known to almost reach two-digit values. When the show was axed came to the natural end of its glorious run, the writers and presented itched for more. Thus was born “Things Can Only Get Better: The Blog

Things Can Only Get Better updates every Sunday evening.

Editorial Policy

Things Can Only Get Better write about politics and policy, about history and science, about the world in all its glory and the sheer wonder of the universe. While it is predominantly the blog of left-wingers, it prides itself foremost on intellectual rigour, reason, and logic. It opposes all logical fallacy, all ideology, all dogma.

It is our view that political discourse is increasingly polluted by metaphorical bullshit. We will pride ourselves on informed analysis, and on reasoned opinion. If we can approach status comparable to that of a bastard hybrid lovechild of Private EyeScreenwipe and Owen Jones then we shall be most satisfied.


We welcome comments and debate. Please be concise and to the point. Be courteous. Respect individuals but relentlessly challenge viewpoints. If you post anonymously (which is understandable on teh internet), then please use a creative and distinct pseudonym.

Don’t be a dick. That includes anything racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

Don’t do any of these.


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