If you’d like to write for Things Can Only Get Better, drop us a friendly email on We’re happy to accept all contributions in line with our editorial policy. But before you embark on your glittery career in writing, take a look at some of the mugs who already write for us.


Nash is a Brooker-esque cynic who clearly never got enough love as a child. Or as an adult. He started off as a Shire Tory and Daily Mail reader long long ago, and has gradually shifted left-wards in response to new data and real life. In previous guises he has been a mad scientist, electoral campaigner, and wannabe writer. Pet topics include: welfare, local politics, history, and woodland creatures.


Max long ago migrated to Birmingham from the inhospitable wilderness known simply as, “the North” (and yes, he has had his jabs). Like Nash, Max has been gradually drifting left-wards over several years. He is also known as a Whovian, Historian, Lifeguard and an in limbo Primary School trainee Teacher. Pet topics include: anti-theism, secularism, education, history, politics and lowering expectations.


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