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One of the better news stories of the year.

‘We’ did it! For once, this isn’t going to be one of Things Can Only Get Better’s usual world-weary cynical despairing rants at society’s problems. For once, we can publish a celebratory post with limited analysis (much to everyone’s disappointment … Continue reading

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Y’all paying attention?

There’s a lot one can fault with the USA’s political and governmental processes, the most glaring being the so called ‘fillibuster’. It grants far far too much power and influence to small groups of legislatures in Federal and State Congresses … Continue reading

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It’s gone off the bullsh*t density detector!

I haven’t had the best weekend already. First the realisation that if I hadn’t cocked up my course I would’ve finished my final school placement on Friday. Then we have Ed Miliband pushing me the closest I have ever come … Continue reading

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But clearly, it’s just plain common sense…

In the past two years, two words have done nothing more to rile me up into an eye-twitchingly state of annoyance. Yes, you’ve probably guessed it, the eye-wateringly painfully vague “common sense”. “But Max, if it’s ok for Nigel Farage … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Two wrongs don’t make a right

Disclaimer: This piece was originally posted on the Birmingham University Labour Students (BULS) blog on the 10th December 2010. Right, I’m not going to really focus directly upon the vote today on tuition fees, enough has been mentioned upon that area … Continue reading

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That’s cool, I didn’t like suspense anyway…

And now for something completely low-brow. I’m not a totally pop-culture detached intellectual. Ok, mostly, but not exclusively. So what? I can’t help being better than you. Once in a while I do like to indulge in a little “low … Continue reading

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