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It’s gone off the bullsh*t density detector!

I haven’t had the best weekend already. First the realisation that if I hadn’t cocked up my course I would’ve finished my final school placement on Friday. Then we have Ed Miliband pushing me the closest I have ever come … Continue reading

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Is that what you want? ‘Cos that’s what’ll happen.

So here’s me one night last weekend, home alone, and as usual tanked up on caffeine, reading about old by-election results. Browsing Wikipedia results in the inevitable pursuit of those seductive blue hyperlinks. Before you know it you’ve travelled through … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Two wrongs don’t make a right

Disclaimer: This piece was originally posted on the Birmingham University Labour Students (BULS) blog on the 10th December 2010. Right, I’m not going to really focus directly upon the vote today on tuition fees, enough has been mentioned upon that area … Continue reading

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The final frontier: Domestic Abuse

(Paraphrasing) Nash: “Patrick Stewart? Don’t know the name.” (30/5/13). Leaving aside Nash’s poor knowledge of one Britain’s most famous actors of all time, star of Star Trek: The Next Generation and X-Men (Nash: “But Max, I’m too cool and hipster … Continue reading

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Drugs are bad, M’kay?

So last week, my liberal metropolitan elitist co-editor Max threw down a rhetorical gauntlet. After graciously acknowledging how he has come around to my more enlightened point-of-view on most policy issues, he made a point of stubbornly sticking to one of his … Continue reading

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You know what they say about a man with a big gun?…big bullets…

Remember the 1960s and the so called ‘culture war’? The fight for sexual, reproductive and racial rights? The left actually winning? Well if you miss all that, then coming to an American suburb near you is the new and improved … Continue reading

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Something to agree to disagree on

You may notice that myself and Nash agree on quite a lot of things. But we do have an exception. The future of currently illegal drugs. One of us wishes to make a world crisis disastrously worse…while I wish to fix … Continue reading

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